Kirstenbosch turns 100

kirstenbosch garden

One of the world’s best-loved botanic gardens and the most beautiful garden in Africa, Kirstenbosch celebrates its 100th birthday this year. It was the first botanic garden in the world to be devoted to a country’s indigenous flora and where you can find wonderful proteas, ericas, restios and other South African specimens such as agapanthus, pelargonium, watsonia and oxalis. There are several trails within the garden as well as walking paths through the different garden areas.


Coincidentally it would also have been my father’s 100th birthday on 6th April so it seemed a good post to start off this new blog of mine with. Sadly my father died in 2001, only a few days before Christmas, but happily I did have the chance to visit Kirstenbosch with him in the 1970s. I lived in Cape Town then and my parents came over for a couple of visits and to meet a new grandchild. On both occasions we spent many hours wandering around this beautiful garden on the east slope of Table Mountain near Cape Town discussing the various plants and I am left with many happy memories.

If you are in Cape Town this year then make sure you visit as there will be lots of events, concerts and guided walks to celebrate the centenary.

More information can be found at Kirstenbosch Centenary

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