The Eden Project

The Eden Project in Cornwall is an educational charity and social enterprise, creates gardens, exhibitions, events and experiences and projects that explore how people work together with nature to change things for the better. Two vast biomes housing wild landscapes, crops and stories from the Rainforest and Mediterranean regions act as a backdrop to the outdoor biome and plants from the climate of the UK.

The Rainforest Biome contains the largest rainforest in captivity. Trek through the steamy jungle and get an amazing view from the Lookout, 50m above, discover how rainforests keep us alive and how we can help do the same for them.

The Mediterranean Biome has sights, scents and stories from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. Visit wild landscapes and stroll through kitchen gardens – wild vines, age-old olives, cork forests and more.

Be warned though, it is expensive. £23.50 per adult on our recent visit (April 2013) and I personally think that is overpriced. It is very much tuned to education and school visits, not really for plantsmen (or women). If you are one of those then you might prefer going to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, RHS Rosemoor or one of the many NT or private  beautiful gardens in Cornwall.

Your choice.

8 thoughts on “The Eden Project

  1. Reblogged this on Under a Cornish Sky and commented:

    As well as posts written and published on my Travel Words site I also wrote about the Cornish gardens we visited on our trips to the county before we moved, so I am going to reblog those too. This visit to the Eden Project was on a very wet day in April almost five years ago, probably a good day to be inside as I recollect it being very cold too. And interestingly a robin featured in this article too!

    • I aim to visit a few times this year Pauline as I purchased a Local’s Pass. I want to see it in spring and summer to see what the changes are outside, and inside the Mediterranean Biome. The tropical one doesn’t seem to change much.

    • I want to collate all my Cornish posts onto this one blog. It was a case of reblogging from the original or rewriting them. The nice thing about reblogging is that I get to see who visited me back then. You may see some that you read as we get closer to the move 🙂

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