In May…

A bluebell wood is one of nature’s unforgettable wonders. The iconic flowers reach their peak of perfection during this month in England, creating drifts of colour and filling the air with a delicate perfume. Preferring a moist, shady position bluebells thrive in the dappled sunshine of our ancient broadleaved woodlands. Enjoy a walk in the woods and discover this native wild flower.

“How the merry bluebell rings
To the mosses underneath…”
– Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Adeline”

7 thoughts on “In May…

  1. What a lovely reminder of the 6 months I lived in Rudgewick, Sussex in the late 1970s. We would often walk through the bluebells in the nearby woods. Thanks for sharing this image Jude.

    • Nothing like an English bluebell wood. We Brits complain a lot about the weather, but it is because of the extremes that we have such diverse countryside. I appreciate it more now I am older. When I was younger I just wanted to leave!

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