Garden Portrait: Mottistone Manor

Mottistone Manor on the Isle of Wight is another quirky garden in the Arts and Crafts style. With land varying from the head of a valley, the higher slopes offer you a view of the headlands over to Brighstone Bay. The garden flows down the valley bowl changing from light woodland to terraced compartments. The garden is entered through a large Tudor barn into a courtyard full of roses.

The garden has a Mediterranean feel with lots of colour. Proteas, ginger lilies and aloes add to this sub-tropical feeling brought here by Lady Nicholson who was brought up in the Sicily and who was a very passionate and hands-on gardener. Scented pittisporum, white African agapanthus and several varieties of banana thrive in the mild climate and even Oleanders grow by the house.

At the top of the garden, the borders and hedges give way to more open planting and areas – here wildflowers bloom and in spring you can find bluebells and daffodils and primroses. Close to the ‘Shack’, a wooden structure which is perched on saddle-stones, there is a bog garden complete with Japanese-inspired planting including masses of irises. Here you will find a traditional tea garden.

( click on a photo to take a walk through this garden with me)


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  1. Ah, that’s brought the sunshine right in!

    1. Heyjude says:

      A lovely garden, though actually we didn’t have great weather there even though it was mid-August! Typical British Summer 🙂

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