cherry blossom



“Fifteenth of May.  Cherry blossom. The swifts
Materialise at the top of a long scream
Of needle. ‘Look! They’re back! Look!’
And they’ve gone
On a steep controlled scream of skid”

Ted Hughes,  from The Swifts

(first noticed the swifts returning to Ludlow on 8th May this year – lovely to see and hear them again, now I know summer is on her way)


19 thoughts on “Spring Sensation: Cherry Blossom

    1. I love to watch them Tess, they are so acrobatic and flit across the sky, mewing like new-born kittens. They leave at the end of August (though last year it was so cold in August they left early) taking summer with them.

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  1. I’d love to have swifts near our house, but sadly I have never seen them. However… in the local park, many years ago now, I was walking the dog when lots of swifts appeared, flying to and fro and sweeping low over the grass and around where we were standing. It was marvellous.


    1. They nest in the eaves of houses and barns and new houses and renovated barns don’t provide access. I guess there are sufficient old properties around here for them to return to. They are amazing birds, they even sleep whilst in the air and only rest when breeding! They are a sight to behold when swooping low for the insects like that.


      1. I would think there are quite a few houses round us which would be suitable for them nesting, so I wonder if there might be something putting them off (or I am just not observant!). They have quite a magical quality about them I think – I would be very excited to spot them in our garden.


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