Spring Sensation: Rhododendron Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice


15 thoughts on “Spring Sensation: Rhododendron Strawberry Ice

    1. Sometimes I get it right Sarah! Actually at this point I was panicking as the battery indicator was flashing red, and it was my spare battery 😦


      1. The whole Spring Sensation series has been beautiful Jude!! I try to make sure that I charge my batteries overnight after every outing. I have two for each camera and that seems to be enough for even big jobs like weddings. I have, sadly, been known to forget to put the batteries back in the camera! Doh!


      2. I was using a different camera and both batteries were fully charged, but they obviously don’t last as long as my Fuji camera batteries (which are just rechargeable AA). I have been known not to put the SD card back in!
        Next month will be quieter as I am away for half of it, but I hope to find some gardens to write about 🙂


      3. Was it an older camera? It might need new batteries. Simon’s just had to get new batteries and a new charger for his Canon 20D. We’re off to Kos again at the end of the month so I won’t be on here as much either! Hope you’re going somewhere lovely 🙂


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