and a few clematis to whet your appetite:

(click on an image to scroll through the gallery and for more information)


13 thoughts on “Here comes summer #1

  1. Summer is definitely here and we love clematis! 🙂 I’m trying to get an Alpine Blue to feel at home in Rhu Sila, it’s a very frail and delicate plant so we’ll see…
    Have a lovely summer’s evening, Jude. We have been working nonstop in the garden today so we are treating ourselves sauna this evening, my back… ;.-)
    Dina xo


    1. The alpines were taken in Sissinghurst I think. I have never grown one of that type. I have a normal clematis – Dark Eyes – but it was eaten by something in spring, we think maybe vine weevils, which ate all the new shoots off. I don’t think I’ll have many flowers this year so I shall have to find some specimens to photograph elsewhere 🙂

      Sounds like it is time for a glass of Pimms too Dina, after your sauna of course 😀


        1. Ah, I don’t know if I have seen these in their dying stages. I shall have to pop along to a garden near me and see if I can spot some!


    1. I have FAR too many ‘bloody flower photos’ but I still can’t stop myself photographing them when I see one. And I have a lot of bad photos too!


  2. A lovely summer gallery – and all identified too. The detail is astonishing. Again it’s obvious the photographer is also a lover. You’ve captured the venation, the crumple and the stamens to perfection. Have you done a portrait of your own garden?


    1. That’s the reason I go to so many gardens Meg, and study the planting – I haven’t got a garden 😦
      Five years in a flat, and now a town house with a tiny patio, but about 30 pots, with as many flowers as I can cram into the space. A garden is a priority in the next house!!


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