13 thoughts on “Here comes summer #1

  1. Summer is definitely here and we love clematis! 🙂 I’m trying to get an Alpine Blue to feel at home in Rhu Sila, it’s a very frail and delicate plant so we’ll see…
    Have a lovely summer’s evening, Jude. We have been working nonstop in the garden today so we are treating ourselves sauna this evening, my back… ;.-)
    Dina xo

    • The alpines were taken in Sissinghurst I think. I have never grown one of that type. I have a normal clematis – Dark Eyes – but it was eaten by something in spring, we think maybe vine weevils, which ate all the new shoots off. I don’t think I’ll have many flowers this year so I shall have to find some specimens to photograph elsewhere 🙂

      Sounds like it is time for a glass of Pimms too Dina, after your sauna of course 😀

  2. You can’t go wrong with flower pictures. Not in my book anyway. Jimmy would say “more bloody flowers!” but we don’t listen to him. That alpine blue is to die for!

    • I have FAR too many ‘bloody flower photos’ but I still can’t stop myself photographing them when I see one. And I have a lot of bad photos too!

  3. A lovely summer gallery – and all identified too. The detail is astonishing. Again it’s obvious the photographer is also a lover. You’ve captured the venation, the crumple and the stamens to perfection. Have you done a portrait of your own garden?

    • That’s the reason I go to so many gardens Meg, and study the planting – I haven’t got a garden 😦
      Five years in a flat, and now a town house with a tiny patio, but about 30 pots, with as many flowers as I can cram into the space. A garden is a priority in the next house!!

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