11 thoughts on “Here comes summer #4

  1. I’ve often wished that too, and sounds without the bother of video. And the breeze on the skin, and the sand between the toes. Sweet peas are special to me because they were my father’s favourite flower. And you make them look so splendid.

    I’ve been a bit slack in my blogging life, trying to come to terms with Christine’s passing, and simultaneously looking after 18 month old twins who are full of mischief. It’s been a whirligig of grief and delight. I’m so sorry I’m not on the south coast, able to go to her funeral, but the warmth of the blogosphere response comforts me.

    • My father also grew them and I didn’t think I’d have much success in a container, there aren’t as many flowers as I’d like, but the colours and scent are well-worth the effort.

      I have found it difficult to continue blogging. Christine’s sudden death was a huge kick to the stomach and made me reel. Even though I did not know her well and hadn’t met her, like you, she made an impact on me with her cheerful outlook on life. Virtual friends can be just as important, and sometimes all some of us have. She will be sorely missed by everyone, especially her lovely family.

      How long do you have with your gorgeous twins Meg? It must be quite exhausting, though no doubt unbelievably rewarding. My little grandson is doing well and nearly the weight of an ‘average’ newborn, though he is two months old now! Can’t wait to see him!

      • Is your grandson in Sydney? And was he premature? And have you seen him yet? And is he your first?

        It is unbelievably rewarding being here (till August 10). In some ways a curse being on the other side of the world, in some ways a blessing: no way would I have spent this intensity of time with my other grandchildren, who only live in Queensland – twice a year, but not with this level of dailiness. Besides, I was still working when they were born.

        Christine’s death has shaken a lot of worlds. I would very much like to be there for the funeral. I can’t even contact a mutual friend because of the pesky time difference and our busy lives – no way can I phone while I’m babysitting! Although the playground mothers seem glued to their mobiles.

        • I always find it so strange that young mothers spend more time on their phones than interacting with their infants who usually face the other way in their prams anyway. I was always talking to my children when they were young! And my grandchildren when I took them out.

          This is my second grandson and yes he was born in Sydney and 5 weeks prem. He has a half-sister who is 16 and I have three other grandchildren over here. It is difficult when they are spread over the world, but such is life. I was away from my parents when my children were young too.

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