14 thoughts on “Here comes summer #8

    • I have been successful with some lovely orange lilies in the past – managed to rescue a few bulbs and have got them growing again, though not many flowers yet. Love the day lilies though they are so short flowering if you only have one pot and mine mostly flowered whilst we were away, which was disappointing! Lilies are gorgeous though and the scent in the evening… sublime!

      • Ah, I forgot about that scent – it is very unique. Didn’t realize daylilies would work in a pot; they have such a big twisted root system when I divide mine (which I have to do annually because very small plot). Try this next year – after the blooms are done and the round, green seed pods start to form on the tips of the stems, snap them off as soon as you see them. If you snap most of them, the plant will put out a second (albeit fewer) blooming because you’ve taken away the seeds and it needs to blossom again to get to the seed stage. At least this works with mine. It’s just dead-heading!

    • I have done that so we’ll see if they try to bloom again. Maybe I’ll re-pot too as they have been in the same pot for two years now. Thanks Sammy ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. They are indeed lovely lilies. Your flower photography is wonderful: I really enjoy these galleries of colour or species. My dad used to grow tiger lilies and sell the bulbs, so they are special favourites of mine, despite the capacity of their stamens to stain things brown.

    I’m late commenting: just got reception on the Berlin – Warsaw train after a technology moratorium in the forests of eastern Poland.

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