Once a year in Ludlow gardeners open up their gardens to visitors; there are large gardens and small gardens and most of them are secret because you cannot see them from the street. Because of the medieval way the streets were planned most plots are long and narrow with the front door opening onto the street. Although many houses in the old town have pots of flowers and plants outside their front door some are lucky enough to have further outdoor space hidden behind like this Regency façade below with Wisteria climbing the columns.


 I have used a few creative effects here as these photos were taken on a rainy day and the raindrops weren’t always beneficial 🙂


Some have lawns and formal box-edged beds, others neatly paved with Greek urns. Then there are the walled gardens where people make use of the vertical space with climbers and trellises. Pots of all shapes and sizes are crammed into shady corners, bistro tables and chairs, or a bench offer the chance to relax and smell the roses.

Sculptures in stone or glass or metal adorn large and small spaces, and touches of humour can be found. Shady courtyards make the most of water features, adornments, mirrors, glazed coloured containers and hostas with white flowers. Some gardeners theme their plants by colour whilst others have a riot of cottage flowers.




Which is your favourite?


15 thoughts on “Secret Gardens of Ludlow

  1. I could happily settle in any of these sanctuaries. The glass sculpture is beautiful – the color reminds me of “sea glass” that washes up on some beaches.


    1. Yes that is beautiful isn’t it – I saw some bottles recently that had been ‘sandblasted’ to look like sea glass. Really lovely. My ex used to have some genuine washed-up bottles with the glass stopper. I wonder where they are now.


    1. I have two chocolate cosmos myself – bought three very poorly plants last year from the market for 50p each – cut them back and they all flowered through the late summer and autumn. I didn’t think they’d survive the winter, but two did and are now flowering again. Lovely colour and chocolatey smell 🙂


  2. I had to hop about a bit to find you. I forget about ‘the other’ blog 🙂 I love these open garden events. We have one in our village in Elwick. If i’m ever down that way when it’s on I’ll come and mooch with you.
    Anything happening with the home move?


    1. You need to ‘follow’ me Jo 😀
      Thanks for the comments on the arty prints, for some reason I don’t seem to have a reply button on them. I’m sure I have been able to reply to comments on photos so not sure what is going on. I do rather like the ‘dry brush’ and the ‘cut out’ effects – they work well if the image is blurred too as it makes it all painterly.
      Nothing happening move wise Jo. OH quite happy to settle here, it’s me who is itching to move closer to the coast so I have to drive everything and I’m getting a bit despondent.

      Anyway, away with you – off to Paris and a romantic sojourn 😉


  3. It’s hard to pick a favourite, Jude. So many beautiful impressions! I’d love to sit in the pretty blue courtyard and sip a cup of tea together with you and then refreshed, we ‘d go and inspect the rest together. 🙂
    Big hug, Dina


    1. Well, hopefully, one day soon I shall have my own pretty blue courtyard and you will have to bring the girls over for a lovely cream tea 🙂
      Have a great weekend Dina + fayries!


    1. I like pots too and some of these are real beauties, but I’d like a bit of space where I could chill out and have a glass of wine without being ‘on show’ and pots get to be a pain when they are all you have – all that lifting and re-potting! I do like the idea of a secret garden 🙂


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