4 thoughts on “orb

    • A red-hot poker! Felt like playing with the software last week. I am finding blogging quite difficult at the moment, probably because I haven’t been anywhere recently. Discovered that I haven’t used my passport since 2012! How sad is that?

      • 2012??? Heck! Is the Sydney/NZ trip shaping up? Or dare I even mention the house hunt? You do get to some fantastic gardens though. I’m just at the Indian one now- fantastic! We used to do Open Days but we seldom can these days- they’re usually Sundays and Dad’s here.

    • I know. I couldn’t believe it either! But we have done a lot of travelling in the UK during the last two years so not all that bad, really (says she trying to console herself). Looks like 10 days in NZ along with Sydney, and I’m sure I’ll find somewhere else to explore once I’m there 🙂

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