Festival of Leaves: Week 1

A return to one of my favourite challenges which only runs in the autumn months, but offers a chance to admire the beautiful leaf shapes and colours of this bountiful season.

Speckled Wood Butterfly on Hydrangea Leaves

18 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: Week 1

  1. What a beauty. I like the fact that its a bit gnawed and chewed and “imperfect”, and I like its visitor too. As well, of course, as its total clarity – tiny spikes and hairs. Not much in the way of autumn leaves at home, so they became a bit of a photographic obsession in Warsaw last year.


    I’m glad autumn will come to me from the northern hemisphere via you! Thanks again.


  2. Thanks Meg 🙂 I posted a few last year (if you click on the tag ‘festival of leaves’ you can see them. Hope to find some different ones this year if I have the opportunity. I love autumn leaves. The best place for them is the East of the USA where I had a glorious week photographing the fantastic displays of colour. I may dig some of those photos out for a post.


    1. The link is on the word ‘challenges’ but this theme doesn’t show up the links very well. I usually change the colour to highlight it, so I shall edit this post now. Thanks for letting me know Jo. Maybe you have some leaves to enter?


      1. I have two leaf shots just longing to play, Jude, but not till next week. I’m checking out this morning for Nottingham. I’ve scheduled 6WS and the Monday walk (Sutton Bank, without snow! Don’t tell! 🙂 ) and hope they appear. I’ll probably pop online at Lisa’s while she gets ready (slowly!) but just to read. Have a good weekend 🙂


  3. Autumn leafs are totally fine with me, in all its imperfection o_O , as long as they don’t decide to rest on the terrace. Which they mostly do, though. In big colonies like the gannets. 😮 But between the three of us, Siri, Selma and myself, they have no chance to survive, even if they hide in every possible corner.
    We love to wade in autumn leaves when we go for walks… 🙂
    Best wishes!

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