Phlomis Russeliana



32 thoughts on “Phlomis Russeliana

    1. In this context simply creating a circular effect. You play around with the co-ordinates and rotate the image. Can’t remember exactly and I don’t have the sw on this tablet, but it can create some interesting patterns.

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        1. Ah, so this is the first time you’re meeting him? Wow! I’m sure it must be exciting. Is this your first one, Jude? And I’m sure you’re happy with sunshine and beach. 🙂


        2. Yes! He was born prem in April and still about the size of a 3 month baby, but he is lovely. Very smiley 🙂 He has a half-sister who is 16 now, and I have 3 grandchildren in England with another one due in Feb. The sun and the beach (about 5 mins walk away) are a bonus!


        3. Aw, Jude, it must be really special to spend time with him at such an early stage of his life. Wow, you have grandchildren galore. I wonder when any of my kids will get married and start having some of those little critters. 🙂


        1. I’ll send you instructions once I’m back home, if you can’t work it out. And I’d have loved to do the Photo101, but won’t have the time this month. What a shame! But I am enjoying seeing what you are coming up with 🙂
          (So funny to be in the same time zone as you)


        2. Have you arrived Jude? It certainly is a challenge doing the daily post, especially as I’ve taken another on line photography course for this month.


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