Flowers in Australia: 3

Callistemon / Bottlebrush

bottle brush

Callistemon is a genus of around 30 species in the Myrtle family (Myrtaceae). All except four species are endemic to Australia, the others occurring in New Caledonia. Callistemons are commonly known as “bottlebrushes” because of the cylindrical, brush-like shape of the flower spike. They are very popular for gardens and landscaping both in Australia and overseas and numerous cultivars have been brought into cultivation.


5 thoughts on “Flowers in Australia: 3

  1. You’ve struck it rich with callistemon this year – their flowering is particularly rich, at least on the south coast. I visited a friend’s garden on Saturday, and she had a great collection: gold-tipped; crimson; a pale pinky-orange: stand-up and prostrate. She also had a very healthy Wollemi pine.

    I love seeing where your English eye takes you. Keep the flowers coming.


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