Flowers in Australia: 5

Ficinia Nodosa / Knobby Club-Rush


Thanks to Meg for identifying this one for me: Previously known as Isolepis nodosa, but more closely related to the Ficinia spp. of southern Africa, which mostly have a more conspicuous disc below the nut.

Description: Perennial, tufted or rhizomatous sedges. Leaf blades often poorly developed. Inflorescences terminal, spikelets clustered in dense heads or panicle-like. Small hypogynous disc (gynophore) often falling attached to the base of the achene.


19 thoughts on “Flowers in Australia: 5

    1. Don’t you just hate it when they keep changing their names 😉 I mean it’s hard enough to remember the botanical name without some expert suddenly deciding that something is another genus altogether. And I am now wondering if my Restios remark was near the truth, given that is a South African plant.


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