10 thoughts on “Flowers in Australia: 8

  1. Are you still wanting ID? If so, it’s very like Lomandra longifolia (Spiny-head Mat-rush, Spiky-headed Mat-rush or Basket Grass) whose flowers here are palish yellow and rich brown. Could be wrong, though. Has been known to happen!

    Your nose is much better than mine, as is your vocabulary of smell.

    • Definitely need ID! I think the smell was from this grass/shrub. It was very strong as we walked past. My DiL says that there is a shrub that smells like natural gas! Maybe this is it.

  2. I think Meg is correct with the ID. These are so hardy almost impossible to kill and once you have them they are stayers. Must admit I have not noticed the smell, will have to have a sniff of the next clump I see…

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