Flowers in Australia: 14

Seen on the eastern coastal path nr Bronte Beach

The flowers appear to start off deep pink and fade to white as they get older. They have quite a ‘furry’ texture and a slight scent. Any ideas?

Edit May 2021: Over six years later and I think I have found the answer. Norfolk Island Hibiscus. Other names include Cow Itch Tree and White Oak

Lagunaria patersonia is a rare fast growing pyramidal evergreen tree with 4-5″ long leaves. It develops 2-3″ hibiscus like solitary bright pink flowers in summer that fade to pale pink. They mature to produce seed pods that contain orange seeds that have fine hairs that can be a skin irritant and are toxic to both humans and animals.

It is a good coastal specimen and is very attractive when established, making a good windbreak, though it is not very frost hardy. Often seen as street trees due to their ability to look after themselves.

It is not a true Hibiscus, but does belong to the same plant family, Malvaceae.

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    • Well they obviously thrive by the coast! Hot again here, was going to go over to the city side and out to the eastern suburbs again, but decided that it would be too much. Just going to potter and enjoy the warmth from inside, maybe wander to the ocean later for a while (and an iced coffee). No point killing myself. I have enjoyed my outings so far and if I get washing done and packed today I may pop into Manly tomorrow and possibly climb up to the North Heads. Enjoy your dip in the river 🙂

  1. I also have no idea Jude, looks a bit like a hibiscus crossed with a camellia and a touch of dog rose!!!! I’m thinking it may be an import…

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