Flowers in Australia: 19

Pink Jasmine (or White Jasmine) / Jasminum polyanthum

white star

Impact on Bushland

Climbs rapidly into the tree canopy and covers vegetation at all levels, blocking light and restricting growth. Weight may bring down trees. Often grows with other vines. Potentially a serious weed in rainforests and along creeklines.

  • Vigorous fast-growing evergreen twining climber from China with tough wiry stems.
  • Leaves are compound with 5 to 7 shiny leathery leaflets.
  • Clusters of highly scented allergenic tubular flowers are produced in spring. They are pink in bud and open white and star-like.
  • Stems travel long distances across the ground, frequently rooting down at leaf nodes (layering) to form new plants.

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  1. I have this climbing over my back fence and yes it can take over so have to give it a serious prune after flowering. But I grow it because I love the scent

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