New Zealand Flora


15 thoughts on “New Zealand Flora

    1. North Island about 2 hours south of Auckland on the Waikato coast. Gorgeous! Temp around 20 degrees but cloudy and rain today. A post scheduled over the weekend so you will see how beautiful it is here.

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  1. The flora is quite different in NZ, not so brash and brittle as Aussie natives. I used to live about 2 hours south of Auckland in the Waikato area. Such a lovely green landscape, lots of cows…


      1. What a lovely place you are staying Jude I lived in Te Aroha in the 1970’s and Hamilton in the 1980’s. We often went to the beach at Raglan and Waihi when my children were younger, my daughter lives in Tauranga now, We are going to visit her in April.


      2. Hoping to visit the gardens in Hamilton this week if the weather stays fine, a bit cloudy and rainy tonight but I hope it clears for tomorrow. It is a very beautiful, natural country.


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