Psoralea pinnata

Seen in New Zealand along the unpaved coast road to Ruapuke Beach, North Island.


These shrubs were just growing alongside the road and caught my eye because of their beautiful violet-blue flowers. On getting closer I noticed that they have a very sweet honey-like subtle perfume. I thought that maybe it was a tea-tree / mānuka/kāhikatoa species, but my search has not found anything with this colour or shape of flower. The flower shape reminds me of the yellow gorse flower.


And this is where it was growing, alongside the edge of the road.


 Any ideas?

Update: June 2015  identified at last! this is a non-native plant (it originates from South Africa) and a pparently smells like ‘Kool-aid’ a N. American grape flavoured drink. Also commonly known as African scurf pea.

16 thoughts on “Psoralea pinnata

  1. That header is very beautiful, and the last shot of the road is amazing – flat treetops, trunks and hills, with the road curving deliciously. Who needs a name?

    Have you read “Eucalyptus” by Murray Bail? It’s a love story, where there are two contenders for the maiden’s hand: one names things and the other one tells stories about them. This time you’re the story-teller.

    • Well you’re useless! It would make a lovely hedge. I am now making lists of places in Norfolk to look at. I think we’ll get better value there, but not sure which bit is best yet. I think a trip to Norwich is on the cards then we’ll take it from there – spread out in ever-increasing circles!!!

      • I did have a little look on Google for your flower. I think it’s a Plantus bluess judeii. Good luck searching in Norfolk. We whizzed past 4 properties in Essex yesterday. Three were hopelessly squashed in and the 4th was too expensive. 😣

        • Haha… I like your style 😀

          At least you are able to do a drive pass! Are you fixed on Essex then? I’m busy doing a list of Norfolk villages/towns that may be viable. I have seen some lovely properties, but whether the location stacks up I don’t know. A holiday in Norfolk is on the cards!

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