25 thoughts on “Yellow Lupin

  1. Nice effects. I could do with a bit of yellow in cloud-hung Warsaw, although there’s a very large, very blingy teddy bear in the street / square downstairs. And it snowed lightly last night as I galloped through the streets with the last of my jet-lagged energy.

      • As good as 21 hours in the air can be, thanks! Found out in Dubai that my daughter and the kids are really sick with fever and flu, so I still haven’t seen them. Bought surgical masks this morning and get a flu injection tonight. Soon! I have seen my son-in-law, at the medical centre last night, but no doctor. We have a running joke that we all make each other sick, them in Australia, us here. Warsaw is very easy this time: I don’t pretend to speak Polish, and it works much better!

        • Oh, no! I do hope they get better soon, it is so miserable to be sick and have sick kids too. I just hope the flu injection doesn’t make you feel ill too.

    • Thanks Sue. I’m going through some of my floral photos from the trip to cheer me up! Grey here, and very cold. Sky looks as though it is full of snow… the sun peeped out from the mist early this morning, and then disappeared. Again.

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