This garden is one of the Paradise Garden Collection at Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand and follows on from my previous post.

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

Fluid echoes dance –

Ripples of sun and water

Hold dreams in the eaves

~ Vonnie Hughes, Auckland (winner of the Hamilton Gardens Japanese Poetry Compettion 1998

Japanese Garden of Contemplation
Japanese Garden of Contemplation
A Pagoda
A Pagoda

Take time to contemplate the carefully laid out arrangements from your seat in the Abbott’s Quarters and watch your mind relax as you view the serene landscape. This is a garden that embraces contradiction in all its forms: you will see contradictory pairs such as movement/stillness, complexity/simplicity, vastness/ smallness, and even wet/dry.


18 thoughts on “Japanese Garden of Contemplation

  1. I don’t know why I’m draw to things Japanese – haiku, tea ceremony, minimalist gardens, Ikebana (but not bonsai) – when I’m also drawn to the baroque. Your header captures the meditative feeling beautifully. Have you been to Kyoto?


    1. I don’t get it either. I love flowers and colours, but Oriental gardens fill me with such peace and they contain neither – well, Chinese gardens usually have a bit of red, but in structures not plants. Perhaps I should think about having a courtyard garden instead of a flower garden. Mmm…


    2. Oh, and no I haven’t visited Japan, though I did have the opportunity to do so several years ago as OH attended a conference there. I just didn’t fancy the long flight at the time. Stupid of me, I think I would have loved it there!


    1. How can an amazing space like this be free to the public PP? It must take a lot of cash to maintain and redesign this garden. I could spend a lot of time here.


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