Japanese Garden of Contemplation

This garden is one of the Paradise Garden Collection at Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand and follows on from my previous post.

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

Fluid echoes dance –

Ripples of sun and water

Hold dreams in the eaves

~ Vonnie Hughes, Auckland (winner of the Hamilton Gardens Japanese Poetry Compettion 1998

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

Japanese Garden of Contemplation

A Pagoda

A Pagoda

Take time to contemplate the carefully laid out arrangements from your seat in the Abbott’s Quarters and watch your mind relax as you view the serene landscape. This is a garden that embraces contradiction in all its forms: you will see contradictory pairs such as movement/stillness, complexity/simplicity, vastness/ smallness, and even wet/dry.

18 thoughts on “Japanese Garden of Contemplation

  1. I don’t know why I’m draw to things Japanese – haiku, tea ceremony, minimalist gardens, Ikebana (but not bonsai) – when I’m also drawn to the baroque. Your header captures the meditative feeling beautifully. Have you been to Kyoto?

    • I don’t get it either. I love flowers and colours, but Oriental gardens fill me with such peace and they contain neither – well, Chinese gardens usually have a bit of red, but in structures not plants. Perhaps I should think about having a courtyard garden instead of a flower garden. Mmm…

    • Oh, and no I haven’t visited Japan, though I did have the opportunity to do so several years ago as OH attended a conference there. I just didn’t fancy the long flight at the time. Stupid of me, I think I would have loved it there!

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