Italian Renaissance Garden

This garden is one of the Paradise Garden Collection at Hamilton Gardens in New Zealand and follows on from my previous post.

Italian Renaissance Garden

In the 15th and 16th Century the cities of Italy experienced an unprecedented flowering of arts and sciences, which included the art of garden design and the science of horticulture. Powerful families built magnificent gardens around their grand country villas as symbols of their prestige. The garden was a place for entertaining and impressing guests with its grandeur


There were influences of Greek and Roman antiquities and here in this garden is a  copy from a mould of the original 5th century Capitoline wolf with Romulus and Remus. Influences of a Medieval garden is seen too with elements from that earlier era retained such as the high surrounding walls, flat square beds with edges lined with plants, beds of simple flowery meads, and the arched trellis-work.  The major difference in the Renaissance gardens was the introduction of a strong central axis, a framework for a classical order of perspective, proportion, symmetry, and geometric forms, circles and triangles.

24 thoughts on “Italian Renaissance Garden

  1. Hamilton Gardens are amazing: so much diversity. Someone had a vision – and a bit of cash. It’s a while since one of your tilted shots. Love the header, the columns (do they have a name?) and the extended archway. Thought of you yesterday but the Łazienki orangery is under repair.

    • It is an extraordinary garden and free to enter too, which astonishes me as there are very few gardens here that are free to enter, and nothing on this scale. The columns are simply Italian Renaissance style balusters or balustrades. Elegant in their simplicity.

  2. Too beautiful for description. When I was young, my romantic fantasy was to get married after walking the length of a vine & flower-covered archway like this. So much for fantasy, but every time I see or visit one, I’m transported back to the feeling when I first discovered my friend’s grape arbor.

    • Not long enough PP 😀
      I was sort of rushed through as it was a bit of a damp day and we had the little man with us, but I guess in total about a couple of hours? I’d say to do it justice you need at least half a day.

    • What on earth brought you to this old post? Nice to go back though, I wish I was in New Zealand right now! I need a holiday. I am so bored of looking out at the rain!!!

      • I was negotiating my way around your ‘new’ Garden page. 🙂 You’ve revamped the site, or have I not been very observant lately?
        Feeling demoralised. I just watched Novak give the performance of his life. 😦

        • True. I have changed the theme – again – do you prefer a white background, or a coloured one (as on 60mm). I’m not sure which one showcases the photos best. Please look and let me know your thoughts. Novak is amazing, this doesn’t bode well for poor old Andy in the Australian Open, yet another year!

        • Wandered around on yours for a bit. It seems very multi-faceted now. Thank you for the mention on your Monday walks page. You’ve done some lovely ones (and LOTS to come, after the move- I’ll have to keep walking for a bit longer 🙂 )

        • As an afterthought- nothing to stop you changing the background colour to suit the post? You do ring the changes very well. I do rather like the soft grey. 🙂

        • I quite like that too, and also a deeper blue, but I think that changes the text to white and I am not a fan of white text. Perhaps I will play around a bit. And maybe it is time to change Travel Words – I usually do that at this time of year, but I like the menu there. Saying that I am not convinced that anyone actually uses menus.

        • Not for the first time you’ve made me realise the error of my ways 😦 My blog needs taking by the scruff of the neck! 🙂 I think it would be much better to have separate English/Portuguese/Polish blogs, linked, as you do. People quite often don’t know where the heck I am when they comment. It should have happened when I ran out of memory. I should have ditched the lot and started again but I panicked. Lord in the world knows why! Too much effort involved to do it now. I want to spend time on other things but ‘I never do have the time’ to quote a song 🙂

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