And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
β€”Percy Bysshe Shelley



Today is the March equinoxΒ – the spring (vernal) equinox in the northern hemisphere when the length of the daylight hours equal the length of the night hours (well almost…) and is the beginning of spring according to astrological belief. This year it is also a date for a total solar eclipse and a super moon!


9 thoughts on “Awaken to spring

    1. And today the sun is beaming down, solar eclipse been and gone (slightly darker in the back of the house, otherwise I didn’t notice any difference) cold, but quiet. A day for walking on the beach… if only it wasn’t a two hour drive away 😦


  1. On the weather last night I did observe that there were only 2 minutes’ difference between the 12 hours of sun-up and sun-down. πŸ™‚
    Gorgeous pics., but what’s new ?


  2. Ah, Percy Bysshe Shelley. I seem to remember him making an appearance in our syllabus around 1959. I wandered lonely as a cloud with William Wordsworth around the same period πŸ™‚


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