“The fritillary looks like something exceedingly choice and delicate and expensive, which ought to spring from a pan in a hothouse, rather than share the fresh grass with buttercups and cowslips” (Vita Sackville-West).

snake's head fritillary

Seeing fritillaries carpet a field, every flower like a Moroccan lantern lit from inside, is such an extraordinary scene.



23 thoughts on “April Flower: Snake’s Head Fritillary

  1. Oh, love ’em….I first noticed these at Great Dixter a few years ago, and soon after my mother grew them. Need to get out and find some again!


    1. They do seem to be much more popular nowadays with all the meadow planting being in fashion. Damn difficult to photograph though as the slightest breeze sets them off and you have to be very low down to catch them!

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  2. Whoa!! A nature tangle!!! Gorgeous 💥😎 if we have these anywhere in the States, I haven’t seen them. I can see how the wind would whip these little gems.


    1. In a wildflower meadow they look stunning, especially if you can catch them with the sunlight shining through. I was very lucky with the header shot. There they do look like lanterns!


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