20 thoughts on “Succulents on St Michael’s Mount

  1. I love the range of colours in these plants. We were given an agave plant when we moved into our new home and it grew and grew and grew, until it had taken over a whole corner of the garden. And then suddenly one day, it fell over and that was the end of that. It must have become too heavy to support itself.

    • I like succulents but they are difficult to grow here unless you have a greenhouse to overwinter them. I have taken mine indoors but they don’t much like central heating 😦

  2. Aren’t they wonderful subjects for portraiture? I can understand why people become succulent tragics – sharp shape and clear colour. That first one against the steep hillside is my favourite.

    • I like the big ones too, they remind me of Cape Town. I also love Lithops – the ones that look like stones! But I haven’t spotted any so far.

  3. Awesome. Finally I know what they are. Your shots are lovely. I actually have a green one on my terrace already I just realised seeing your photos. Thanks so much Jude.

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