Kerdhva Gov Jori V

OK, for those of you who don’t speak Cornish, this is the King George V Memorial Walk in Hayle, West Cornwall. Hayle doesn’t rate highly on the ‘must see‘ places to visit in the county, but you would be making a big mistake not to come and walk by the Hayle Estuary alongside the Copperhouse Pool, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and an area of great scientific value, it is also a level walk and suitable for pushchair and wheelchair users.

Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus

The more picturesque path which has been created immediately adjacent to the left-hand side of the road is stony but level throughout. The path is bordered by flowers and there is plenty of seating en route, with gaps in the flower beds to enable you to admire the view.

Hardy Geranium
Hardy Geranium
Chile Lantern Tree
Crinodendron hookerianum (Chile Lantern Tree)

On a gentle, warm sunny day this is a beautiful place to visit. The planting is divine. Colours intermingle in the borders and sub-tropical plants stand side-by-side with temperate specimens. A shady walk leads off into a woodland path where there is even a pond complete with water-lilies. A bug hotel welcomes children to discover the joys of nature and plenty of seating allows for people of all ages to enjoy the space. A greenhouse is full of new cuttings, raised seedlings, information, pots and volunteers cheerfully maintain the borders removing weeds with a smile.

Once an important port, even during the bronze age, the town was also a pioneer of the industrial revolution.Β The whole character of the town built up around its two foundries: the Cornish Copper Company and John Harvey and Sons.Β Between them they served the world, jointly building the world’s largest pumping engines (used to drain the Haarlem lake in Holland) and constructing Cornish beam engines for mines around the world.

There is a small car-park at the beginning of the walk next to an open-air swimming pool (summer only) and if you want to continue the walk you can cross the estuary and return via the town by a circular route. Look out for visiting wading birds in the estuary. Another reason to visit Hayle are the Towans. An impressive stretch of north west-facing golden sand that rarely gets crowded and is ideal for sand yachts and kite buggies.  Hayle Towans (towans is the Cornish word for dunes) also known as Upton Towans can be accessed from several different places in Hayle.

More lovely walks can be found over at my friend Jo’s place.

21 thoughts on “Kerdhva Gov Jori V

  1. Talk about a beautiful bower, Jude! This is lovely, isn’t it? I love the ‘smudged with charcoal’ edging you have on those two very lovely shots. Crimson Flags around here but no Chilean lanterns 😦
    Many thanks for the lovely share. πŸ™‚

    • Hayle is not a pretty place (there has been talk of regeneration for decades) but it could be as it is in one of the most beautiful locations. I am so glad we took time out to do this walk, though to be honest we were feeling a little high at the time πŸ˜‰

  2. It’s often the way that the most interesting places aren’t necessarily the most popular, and it’s better that way. Then you have it all to yourself.

    These summery flowers are divine. On the weekend I picked the very last of the roses, and will have no more now until September. So I will enjoy looking at your flowers in the meantime. I do have nasturtiums and forget-me-nots flowering together, which makes for a pretty colour combo.

    • Oh, there is a lot of Cornwall that I haven’t explored and many places I have only visited briefly – this area, whilst not being new to me, is one I have only really driven through. I will enjoy doing a lot more walking.

  3. What a charming walk Jude. I love to see perennial borders with the plants overflowing and jostling for space and a riot of colours.

    • I was very pleasantly surprised by how lovely these borders were, as you say, plants jostling each other for space. Very well planted. I wouldn’t mind volunteering here.

  4. Jude, how can you sit on your butt with all this on your doorstep? Get out there! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Have you had the anniversary dinner yet? Fish and chips yesterday?

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