Morrab Gardens started out as the property of wealthy brewer, Samuel Pidwell. Pidwell built Morrab House in 1841 as his home on a three acre strip of land running from the town centre to the sea front. In fact the word Morrab comes from the Cornish for sea-shore (mor = sea and app = shore).


We nearly bought  a house overlooking these gardens, but that is another story, and I can’t believe that I have not written a post about them other than a brief mention in my Penzance post on Travel Words.


Amongst the fine examples of tender and rare plants are huge examples of the ubiquitous cordyline (or Cornish palm), tree ferns, banana plants and Japanese Bitter Orange.


There is a bandstand, a memorial to the Boer War 1904 and a rather splendid fountain with a seal on a ball balancing a fish spouting water in the centre. A very pleasant and popular space in the town where people gather to exercise, picnic and socialise.


17 thoughts on “Morrab Sub-Tropical Garden

  1. I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in these photos. The cherry blossoms are exquisite and it got better and better the further I scrolled.

    Pseudopanax Ferox (Toothed Lancewood) wood be a lovely tangle pattern as would some of the others.

    Posts like this make me want to live my life over – I love the life I’m living but we miss so much of the wider wonders!

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    1. The house wasn’t perfect Meg, but what is, but I loved the sense of light on the ground floor. Tiny garden, small courtyard, no parking and lots wrong with it BUT it did overlook this garden and it was in walking distance of the sea, the shops, the music venues for the OH. I was gutted when the vendors pulled out for a higher offer. Took me a few months to even think of going back there to have another look. But life goes on and I think we may have found something a little more suitable 🙂


        1. I was both upset and angry if that makes sense. Totally spoilt Christmas for us, but then bad things seem to happen to me around that time of year so I should be used to it.


    1. Probably nothing like this one! I have different ideas in my head depending on the sort of garden I get. At one point (when I thought we would go for a property with only a courtyard) I was thinking of a Zen like space with minimalist plants, water, stone, statue, bamboos, ferns.

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