A second visit to the mount on an overcast day in June meant that most of the Gaillardia (Blanket flower) and the Osteospermum (African Daisy) daisy-like flowers were tightly closed, but the succulents were flowering and there were some noticeable changes to the garden since my visit at the end of April . There is plenty to grab your attention in June including lots of colour.

On entering the terraces the first thing you notice are the banks of bright pink flowers of Lampranthus haworthioides (header photo) and the tall spires of the pinky-purple echium that reach out over the cliff to the sea. Climbing the steep routes up the cliff bring you close to the flowering aloes, agaves and other succulents and in amongst these are the more unusual flowers such as Kangaroo Paw (normally associated with Australia) or leucadendron argenteum, the silver-leaf protea from South Africa.


21 thoughts on “Another visit to St Michael’s Mount

  1. A beautiful variety of colourful flowers, Jude. I detect lots of cheerful plants hat I’d love to see in our garden here. 🙂 At the moment , Siri, Selma and myself are very busy weeding in Norway, the same all over … 🙂
    Oh dear, it’s very windy, better keep the girls tightly fixed to me. Have a lovely weekend! Xx

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    1. There are some very unusual plants here – I was surprised to see the kangaroo Paw and the Ixia. The colour hasn’t come out very well, it really is the most extraordinary turquoise! Apparently an endangered plant in its native South Africa.

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  2. So many pleasures in this post, most of them to do with shapes: balls of silvery grey; ordered circular stepping stones; curls of serrated leaves; cone of yellow flowers; chalices of purple; yellow stars; and the knots of yellow hanging over the cliff. A good preparation for a soccer match in the cold!


    1. You almost had me with the soccer match! I assume you are going to one – not my cup of tea, though by the sounds of it you’ll be longing for one of those in a few hours time 🙂


  3. I really must make it to this garden one day, Jude! What a place! I would just drool (I know- just the image you wanted 🙂 ) Your first bouquet of golden yellowness is beautiful! And it doesn’t get worse 🙂
    I still prefer your blue or yellow backgrounds. Just saying…

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    1. No pleasing some people Jo! Maybe, if my new camera allows me to take better images I shall move to a better suited photography theme with full sized images. Or am I kidding myself?


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