July flowers

July is midsummer in the northern hemisphere and the time when gardeners can take a rest and sit back, relax and smell the roses (or even the sweet-peas)! Most of the spring flowers are over by now and it is the turn of the half-hardy perennials and the annuals to show off. So many flowers to choose from, so this is just a selection.

great dixter

Great Dixter in summer


Clockwise from top right: Martagon Lily; hardy geranium, white cosmos, sweet-peas, water-lily; agapanthus; lavender, white pelargonium, helichrysum, delphinium

What is your favourite flower of the month?

35 thoughts on “July flowers

  1. I have always loved sweet peas Jude as I grew them as a child (about the only thing I think I’ve ever grown successfully!). I loved looking at all your flower photos – they are all so pretty and Great Dixter looks like the quintessential English village! 🙂

  2. I’m choosing the lily Jude. These images belong in some magazine is all I can say.
    I am off to visit my Mom in rural Canada for the next week or so . i likely won’t be commenting as much but I shall return. 🙂

    • Lilies are wonderful aren’t they? I’d like more, but at the moment I don’t have space for another pot! Enjoy your visit to your Mom, I’m sure you’ll find a few views to photograph for us en route 🙂

  3. Staying with roses, I think, Jude, but I do have a big soft spot for sweet peas. We always had them on a trellis backdrop to Mam’s rose garden. And clematis, and… you know it’s a difficult question, don’t you? 🙂

    • Sweet-peas take me back to the 1950s when my dad grew them (and I did too!) as well as sweet-william. I think that must have been the start of my love of fragrant flowers. Oh, he also grew old-fashioned roses too, the ones with the deep musk perfume. I usually grow sweet-peas, but didn’t plant any for this summer. Maybe next year… 🙂

        • I seem to remember that’s what I didn’t like 😦 I don’t like the smell of jasmine either. Is this sacrilege? How many Hail Mary’s do I have to say? 🙂

        • You don’t like Jasmine? Well, it can be overpowering. I suspect you like a light fragrance. Maybe citronella, a hint of rose. I’d be interested to know what perfume you wear.

        • I like the whiff of jasmine as I pass by, the same with honeysuckle though both can be a bit cloying. Like you I rarely wear perfume. Currently I have J’Adore and Channel No 5 open but my absolute favourite is Dune. All floral notes! I still have a bottle of Opium that my brother bought me for my 21st birthday! I used to just dab on cheap patchouli oil in those days!

        • Ah- I remember patchouli oil! Memories 🙂 🙂 Not sure what Dune smells like. I’ll have a whiff next time I pass through an airport and think of you. I don’t use perfume unless I’m ‘going out’ or meeting someone. One of life’s nice indulgences. I do love opening a new jar of coffee though. Cheap thrills 🙂

  4. A fabulous collage, I wouldn’t have thought of picking a pelargonium but it’s beautiful. I went to Great Dixter back when Christopher Lloyd was still alive, he was pootling in the garden!

    • I’m quite a pelargonium freak Gilly. I love all the different colours and varieties. It must have been wonderful to see CL in the garden. It is a gorgeous space.

  5. Here in the San Francisco area, it is extremely dry due to the fourth year of a drought. Anything green at this point, except weeds, is appreciated. Glad to see such beautiful flowers. 🙂

      • Yes we do. 25% indoor and 50% outdoor. But the only penalty if you don’t cut back is one pays a higher cost. Wealthy areas still have many green lawns and beautiful flowers.

  6. Sweet peas this month, because they are simple, perfumed and my father grew them. That’s if I can’t have horse chestnut and laburnum! I love the building, and the collage-bouquet.

  7. What a beautifully coloured bouquet you have given us Jude and I notice tucked in the top corner the everlasting daisy that brings back fond memories of the acres of them nodding in the wind in WA. As for perfume I am a lavender lady, love its sweet refreshing scent., and it reminds me of my Mam as she always wore lavender perfume.

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