Penlee Memorial Garden

To the western side of Penzance you will find some of the most architecturally stunning houses clustered around Regent’s Square and the surrounding streets. Well worth spending half an hour to explore. In the midst of this area are the Morrab Sub-Tropical Gardens and Penlee  Park within which is Penlee House Gallery and Museum an elegant gallery set within a Victorian house and park. Changing exhibitions mainly feature famous Newlyn School and Lamorna Group artists.

Wandering through the park on the way back to our holiday home in historic Chapel Street, we stumbled across the delightful Memorial Garden, tucked away by the side of the House. There is also the Orangery Coffee Shop, with its sun-bathed terrace overlooking the park, but unfortunately not open on a Sunday afternoon. This Garden of Remembrance was created in the former kitchen and flower walled enclosure which provided produce and flowers for the house all through the year.

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There are several benches on which to rest and take in the beauty of the tiny garden. There is also a small chapel of rest, which was closed on my visit and in front of this an unusual Foxglove Tree was in flower. I have never come across this before. It has fragrant, light lilac-purple flowers in large panicles. The garden is full of sub-tropical planting and is a peaceful, sheltered haven. Don’t miss it if you are ever in Penzance. I know that I’d be very happy to sit there for a few hours with a good book.

Published by Heyjude

I have lived in the UK for most of my life, but when young I definitely had wanderlust and even ended up living in South Africa for several years which was a wonderful experience. I now look forward to a long and leisurely retirement doing what I like most - gardening, photography, walking and travelling.

31 thoughts on “Penlee Memorial Garden

  1. Oh yes, I enjoyed the walked through the garden and the bench is most inviting right now. What a lovely place to contemplate, rest and read and enjoy the flowers.
    Wishing you fairy good weekend, Jude, sun is on its way at long last,
    Dina & co x

    1. They are so much a part of a cottage garden, I think they like dry conditions as I am always seeing them in a gravel garden. Perhaps it is too hot and humid where you are?

  2. Is this in rememberance of the awful Penlee disaster Jude? My mother worked for the RNLI at the time. I was newly back from my fist short stint in California and we were staying at Lyme Regis when we heard the news. It was just awful. I will have to tell her about this deligthful garden so that we can visit. Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing this xx

    1. This is a garden in memory to those lost in WWII. I believe the Penlee lifeboat memorial garden is closer to Mousehole, above the original lifeboat house and much smaller. I’m surprised I don’t have any photos of it.

        1. I was almost tempted to buy one today, but resisted. I mean who goes to a nursery and walks away without buying anything?

        2. Criminal! 🙂 We bought a water feature today- online, rather boringly, but it’s pretty. The beginnings of our garden restoration since we had fences replaced.

        1. I assume you mean the one in Monty’s garden? ‘Purpurea Plena Elegans’ I wrote it down. I want one of those too 😀

    1. Funny how you can just stumble upon something like this isn’t it? I suppose if, like me, you just like to wander around towns and places then it is inevitable.

    1. Someone needs to invent an earworm blocker 😀
      Not a very long walk. More of a short stroll although this was part of the 1 mile walk to the pub and back 😀

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