Sunny Sunflower


Hope this brightens up your day!



26 thoughts on “Sunny Sunflower

  1. Spectacular! Who could want for more, Jude? This might be the best sunflower shot I ever saw 🙂
    Not feeling so good? I’m sorry to hear that. GP check up? Hugs! 🙂


    1. You are joking aren’t you? I have to be on death’s door before I see the doctor. I have only seen a GP once in the four years we have been here AND I had to fill in a survey for the NHS. Talk about skewed answers 😦

      I’m just tired all the time Jo. Need to do more walking.


        1. Old age I fear – just aches and pains. Anyway, I am planning for my pet-sitting job in Surrey towards the end of the month. I DO hope the weather plays fair with me as I have all sorts of places I want to visit.


        2. Getaway! You’re younger than me, aren’t you? (though I realise that doesn’t tell the whole story). Lots of dog walking (it IS a dog?) would probably finish me off! 🙂


        3. Then you really would need a GP! Done the roses post yet? I’ve scheduled my walk, done t’ai chi, made chilli and curries for Mick in my absence… Just got to sort out some clothes to take then I can focus on where and what in Bristol. There’s SO much on the website! Bit disappointed that I’ve left it too late to cruise up the Avon Gorge under Clifton bridge but I’ll have more than enough to keep me busy. I’m now staying with Joan some of the time, which puts me more out of the way but the purpose of the visit was to see her. Sorry to put this on here but I’ve no time to ‘e’. 🙂 Hugs, Jude!

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    1. Well, it’s not strictly a new area as I lived only 45 minutes up the road before we moved to Shropshire. But there are loads of places to visit which I never got to (I was working then) so that will be fun.

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