Another year in Ludlow and another tour of the gardens. This time there were a few new ones to explore as well as the old faithful. So let’s take a wander shall we?

The clematis were particularly stunning this year as were the poppies. I love to see what statues and scupltures people collect too and I’m always on the lookout for container ideas.

I love a quirky sign


…and finding a flower fairy


Naturally I cannot help myself where benches are concerned. What style would I choose if I had a garden to put one in?

Relax and smell the roses…

29 thoughts on “Secret Gardens of Ludlow

  1. Makes me long for my gardens in prior houses. Thanks for the mesmerizing clematis closeup, and I can’t resist the weathered statue. Perhaps that’s what I’ll be in my next life – a weathered cherub statue (I was going to say angelic statue, but no …)

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  2. Greenery and blooming flowers! Beautiful images. My poor garden is struggling through the California drought. About the only thing growing is the weeds in the cracks of the sidewalk. There is hope this winter will be an El Nino which brings above rainfall to the west coast.


  3. So beautiful…and you know how much I love fairies Jude! Those roses are spectacular and I love the colour of the door. I had in mind to paint mine that colour for the house I last had in California, but that didn’t happen…
    Hope you are having a good weekend, enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, your way too I do hope 😀


    1. Thank you Sherri. I love that paint colour too, so soft and it looks great on a cottage. I like the way they have planted that spiky grass plant in the front which matches the colour. Sun yesterday, back to cloud today 😦 but at least it is warmer 😀

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      1. Yes, I liked that too. Glad you had some sun, it was a scorcher on Saturday here, but back to cloud and a downpour today. Oh well, as you say, at least it’s not cold 🙂


  4. I’ve finally got round to this – had to deal with a heap of mail first. A cottage garden is a far pleasanter way to spend the time! Your clematis is very different, to my un botanical eye, to what I call clematis here: that purple one is lovely. What else? The entrance door. Mrs Perry, and the red poppies. Your clever use of the flower shape.

    And a question. What are those dried spheres above the pile of pots?


    1. You home again Meg? I bet the first thing you did was walk down to the beach – I know that is what I would have done. I so envy you living so close to a beach and a beautiful quiet walk-to beach as well!
      There does seem to be an enormous variety of clematis around ranging from the quite small delicate dangling ones – clematis tangutica – to almost dinner-plate sized ones. Some double and frilly, others with amazing contrasting coloured stamens. I have a boring purple one that is in a pot and struggling. I think I had 4 flowers this year, all much smaller than they should be. Last year the buds got eaten 😦

      The spheres are the dried heads of the Allium Giganteum (now have I made that up?) or if you want to be common, giant onion 🙂


      1. No. I actually had a yearning for a bush track first: Day 2 was the beach. Thanks for the info about clematis – you have such a stockpile of plant knowledge. We have the small delicate ones: aristata or microphylla or glycinoides. Memory of detail not good enough to be sure. A giant onion? That’s why it looked vaguely familiar!


  5. Oh, Mrs. Perry, I love you! 🙂 And I do like that petal shape you’ve done with the flower fairy!
    You feeling any more lively? Not long till you go pet-sitting, is it?


    1. It is a lovely poppy! And yes, headache disappeared, though back again today (so are the clouds) and back aching after sorting through 250+ vinyl LP records that I am persuading the OH to get rid of!


      1. I’m quite prepared to believe the clouds :(are responsible for your headaches. I was all set to collapse in the garden and watch the washing while resting the weary legs today, but the sun didn’t last.


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