Secret Gardens of Ludlow

Another year in Ludlow and another tour of the gardens. This time there were a few new ones to explore as well as the old faithful. So let’s take a wander shall we?

The clematis were particularly stunning this year as were the poppies. I love to see what statues and scupltures people collect too and I’m always on the lookout for container ideas.

I love a quirky sign


…and finding a flower fairy


Naturally I cannot help myself where benches are concerned. What style would I choose if I had a garden to put one in?


Relax and smell the roses…

29 thoughts on “Secret Gardens of Ludlow

  1. Oh, Mrs. Perry, I love you! 🙂 And I do like that petal shape you’ve done with the flower fairy!
    You feeling any more lively? Not long till you go pet-sitting, is it?

    • It is a lovely poppy! And yes, headache disappeared, though back again today (so are the clouds) and back aching after sorting through 250+ vinyl LP records that I am persuading the OH to get rid of!

      • I’m quite prepared to believe the clouds :(are responsible for your headaches. I was all set to collapse in the garden and watch the washing while resting the weary legs today, but the sun didn’t last.

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