Alphabet Roses

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A to G

H to M

N to T

I still have some letters to discover so I will be on the lookout for ‘Unique Blanche’, ‘Velvet Fragrance’, ‘Wild Edric’, ‘York and Lancaster’ (which has to be both red and white surely?) and ‘Zephirine Drouhin’ or their like. In fact I may have one or two of these lurking in a folder or two already. Anyone know of one beginning with X?

What kind of rose are you attracted to? Is it the shape, the colour, the fragrance? All three? I’m drawn to colour first, then fragrance. A rose has to have a fragrance, no matter what it’s shape or colour is. I love the Old Rose and Musk fragrance and also the fruity citrus fragrances too. I once grew roses, but they were a lot of hard work with all the feeding, spraying (not many disease-resistant ones then) and pruning, but they did look lovely through the summer as an informal hedge. My Dad was a great rose grower and my children bought a pair of ‘Golden Wedding’ roses for my parents golden wedding anniversary. For a rose lover you can always find one that is suitable.

35 thoughts on “Alphabet Roses

  1. Yes, colour first! I very much like peaches and the old roses, like Queen of Sweden, always bowl me over. So wonderfully blowsy 🙂 A fine rogues gallery, Jude.

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