33 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Macro #2

  1. This is macro indeed. A beautiful pulsating shot. You needed this new camera to showcase your love of flowers super-splendidly. You’ve obviously established a good partnership already.

    • Thanks Meg. Yes, this is why I wanted this lens. I love flower photography as you are well aware, but my close-ups were often blurred when you zoom in. I hope to make a lot of use of this lens, but I am starting slowly and with a subject I know well. Let’s hope I can improve!

    • Yes! This is what I craved the macro lens for to get in much, much closer. Still need a lot of practice using the lens though as it is very difficult to keep the focus still. I just have to take my time and concentrate harder and use a manual focus, which seems to work better. I adore orange, but maybe not with lilac 😉

    • This is what I wanted the macro lens for, to be able to capture close-ups that are still sharp when ‘blown up’. I want some decent weather so I can take it to my nearest garden where I can concentrate on the flowers.

  2. Wow Jude I think you have that macro lens working very well. Stunning capture as those the flower is quivering with vibrancy.
    How is your foot?

    • Thank you Sue. This is another example of my first attempts. I hope to show some improvement as I take more images. I have one to come that I adore!

      Foot much better, but still some pain and swelling in the area especially today after driving for 3 hours yesterday. I will try to avoid walking on it too much! Thanks for asking 🙂

  3. You are certainly coming to grips with your new camera Jude. Love the colour, orange is my favourite flower colour it is so vibrant. Take care of that foot, do you have it wrapped in a pressure bandage?

  4. Gorgeous macro, one to be proud of! I know what you mean about the focus going soft when images are large. Not sure I’m ready for another camera yet, but your flower macros are certainly a DSLR selling point.

    • I am very happy with this one and it makes the change of camera worthwhile. Though I doubt I shall ever get to grips with all the settings! Like phones, cameras seem to include everything but the kitchen sink these days.

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