Garden Portrait: RHS Wisley part 2

Since I had taken so many photographs on my August visit,  I have split the Wisley post into two parts. This week we have a look at the Model Gardens, which aim to inspire those of us with normal sized plots, the Hilltop Borders and the Walled Gardens, finishing with the Loggia and Canal. (Part One is here)

So feast your eyes once more:

A beautiful spot for a rest

Kids cannot resist water

Some of the best views in the garden can be found at the top of the Wild Garden where you look down on the rocky terraces and multitude of pools and cascades and over to the Glasshouse.

And finally a look in the Walled Garden which this year is a White Garden, before strolling past the Loggia and Canal to the exit. I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

The Pavilion in Seven Acres

The Pavilion in Seven Acres

White Garden

More lovely walks can be found over at my friend Jo’s place.

22 thoughts on “Garden Portrait: RHS Wisley part 2

    • I think you have to have a very large garden to create themed ‘rooms’, fortunately we have a lot of those here in England specifically Hidcote and Sissinghurst gardens. Like you, I enjoy most colours though I do seem to have mostly blue, purples and pinks this year!

    • A great opportunity to use the new lenses, and having to decide which one to use and what to photograph! It is one way of slowing me down though as I can’t just keep ‘snapping’, I have to think about what it is I want to photograph and then choose the lens for it. I would have liked to have gone back with the macro lens but the rain didn’t let up for the rest of the week.

  1. I’ve loved visiting Wisley in your backpack Jude, it isn’t one I’m likely to get to. You’ve caught three of my favourite flowers, Gaura, Cosmos and Cleome in one hit 🙂 and the bamboo beside the bench is lovely as is the pavilion. What a beautiful place!

    • Happy to have you along Gilly. It is a garden well worth the effort to get to if you are in the south-east at any time. I loved the white combo, Wisley doesn’t usually do colour themed borders so this was a nice change. I can’t believe how much the new rose garden has matured in just a couple of years, just wish the weather had behaved so I could have returned for a second visit before I left for home.

  2. Eeek! I’ve just realised this is another ‘walk’. 🙂 🙂 You have been busy! I especially love white gardens and that little trio is perfection, Jude. Thank you!

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