Garden Portrait: Nymans

Late summer and a break in the awful wet weather enabled me to pop along to Nymans Garden in West Sussex. My main reason for visiting was to look at the summer borders in the Wall Garden encouraged by Gilly of Lucid Gypsy and capture some of the late summer colours. Of course I couldn’t resist a peek into the Rose Garden or a potter around the ruins of the Messel family house and a quick stroll past the rock garden, but these will appear later.

But for now let’s just have a look at the luscious, late summer borders which are also being enjoyed by lots of insects:

Wall Garden Borders

Wall Garden Summer Borders

The Wall Garden is the most beautiful part of this garden. A former orchard it is formed from an irregular shape with two paths intersecting in the centre where a pink Italian marble fountain and pool is found along with topiary. The central path is flanked by the Summer Borders, mostly herbaceous annuals and perennials with some shrubs at the back. The path between the borders is quite narrow so you feel as though you are walking through a floral tunnel.

Mixed border

The borders are a riot of colours at this time of year. Bright yellow Rudbeckia and Helianthus; dark red and scarlet and yellow Helenium; deep pink Cosmos with a bright yellow eye; violet-blue Asters; deep blue Agastache; pink-purple Echinaceae; white Cleome; tall pink-mauve sedum and brightly coloured dahlias are interwoven with silver-leafed foliage and the striking forms of coleus.

Helianthus and Echinaceae Purpureae


An exquisite display. Thank you Gilly for inspiring me to pop (or should that be hop?) along to this garden. It was well worth the effort. And I got a chance to practice with the macro lens with all those busy bees around.

12 thoughts on “Garden Portrait: Nymans

  1. wow.. such lovely flower borders.. Stunning photo’s you have taken.. When I can get my images off of my camera, ( I need a new card reader ) I hope to share some of Chatsworth Gardens the kitchen gardens were delightful to walk around.. 🙂
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend
    Sue xxx

    • The gardens are lovely Ronnie. Those summer borders are just crammed with plants and colours and even the walk back to the entrance is lined with flowers despite it being the ‘June’ borders. I have more photos next week from the rest of the garden.

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed it there and knew you would. I think the garden looks even better than it did last June, the planting is a masterpiece – with one exception, the agastache really jars with me. Perhaps it was okay in the petal. Spectacular photography Jude x:-)x

    • So glad you like the borders, and thank you for the prompt to make me go there. I enjoyed the day and got some lovely macros from it. The rest of the garden is pretty nice too.

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