Plant Portrait: Michaelmas Daisy

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Celebrate St Michael’s Day today with Michaelmas Daisy – Aster novi-belgii ‘Jenny’ (click link to visit a specialist Aster garden)

Nalinki at Angles and Views has started #flowersoverflowers where we can share our favourite blossoms of the week. It seems like a good idea to spread some blooms across the Internet. I am more than happy to join in.

This is my 500th post on the flower blog. I am not sure how many more flowers and gardens I can find, but I do have an idea for a challenge on this site next year, so keep your eyes peeled for more information nearer the time. Meanwhile I would like to acknowledge with gratitude all my readers and followers who have liked and commented and encouraged me to write about and photograph Nature’s beauty.

14 thoughts on “Plant Portrait: Michaelmas Daisy

  1. It’s a lot pinker than in real life for some reason! The flower is more of a deep pink. I’ll have to have another attempt when there are more in flower, but I quite like this effect 🙂

    • these flowers are very small and not really open properly yet. I did see a couple of bees on them today so I shall try and capture one or two over the next few days hopefully 🙂

    • I’ll put up a post around the end of November and a page with ‘rules’ and probably mention it on the other blog too. I do wonder if I should just have one blog, but I quite like the flowers separate even though it doesn’t attract as many comments. I know you have two so what’s your opinion?

      • I find the 2 work for me as they are quite different in concept. My “Gypsy” blog is, mainly, about my current travels, or happenings, and sometimes used for challenges if the theme fits in with what I am doing. While the “Memories” blog is for trips down memory lane and joining in challenges which I enjoy doing but it is quite time consuming keeping them both going. But then it is better that watching TV in the evening, but my book reading has certainly lapsed…

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