A last look this year at a lovely garden which is about 9 miles from where I live, before it closes for the winter. A bright early autumn day and a new camera, what’s not to love?

Rudbeckia laciniata ‘Herbstonne’

The most dominant colours in the garden at this time of year are yellow and orange, though there are plenty of pinks still to be found. In contrast to the spring when photographing flowers means crouching close to the ground, this time of year enforces you to look up. The tall brilliant yellow rudbeckia (above and below) make quite a statement.


Down in the dingle everything is quite overgrown, with massive gunnera leaves, perennial grasses and crocosmia, hydrangeas and astilbe enjoying the cool shade and where I spend a good deal of time watching giant dragonflies waiting patiently for one to land. In the end I attempted to capture one in flight with only a modicum of success.

Diasca personata
Diasca personata

The light at this time of year seems clearer and brighter and the blooms are happy to show off their beauty before the cold and wet ends their run. Not to mention the delicious fragrance of candyfloss or burnt toffee that wafts from the cercidiphyllum japonicum. As autumn creeps in with golden russets and lots of seedpods I will leave you with this fuchsia-bright perennial sweet pea.

Lathyrus rotundifolius

12 thoughts on “Garden Portrait: Stockton Bury Garden

  1. Ooh you’ve made me want to get out and see what I can see. That’s a late honeysuckle, bless its little cotton socks. I didn’t know that gentian flowered in autumn either. Lots of gorgeousness Jude, happy weekend!

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    1. I think of them as almost secret gardens as there is never more than half a dozen people there when I visit. Just the right size for an afternoon plus coffee and cake at the end 🙂

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  2. Beautifully written, and a lovely glimpse of not-so-fading autumn. I reckon anyone who photographs a dragonfly drugs it first! I think my favourite is the shrub rose, and the unnamed one with the bee, although I also like the watering cans.


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