Flower Portrait: Macro #15

(click to enlarge to full size)

Japanese Anemone

Anemone × hybrida ‘Whirlwind’ (Japanese Anemone)

Anemone are herbaceous perennials with fibrous, rhizomatous or tuberous rootstocks, palmately lobed leaves and saucer-shaped, usually 5-petalled flowers

From next week (23 November 2015) macro images will be published on their own new site at 60mm which will show all images captured with this macro lens including non-flower images. I hope that those of you who have been enjoying my foray in to the Macro world will join me there.


15 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Macro #15

  1. Oh Jude, how lovely. I do like capturing an insect with a flower and you have two here. Gorgeous. How exciting to hear that you are going to have a new site dedicated to these macro shots. You are really getting very good at taking these and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

    Some of my flower photos from Kings Park and other places have insects in and I didn’t know they were there until I looked at the photos on the computer. Best photo bombs ever!


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