Festival of Leaves: Blush

Autumn is a second spring

where every leaf is a flower

~ Albert Camus


Join in with this autumn challenge


15 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves: Blush

  1. Whoo hoo! Pretty one 🙂 Saving the best for last, Jude.
    Looking forward to catching up with the newbie when I’m back. Battle royal with Nadal and Ferrer. 14 minute game 3rd set! No conserving energy for tomorrow, sadly.


    1. Actually I do have one more… sshh! (I assume you mean the leaves? Or maybe the blog? The blog will continue, but mainly for garden visits and the challenge in the new year 😉 )
      Must confess I don’t understand the schedule in this tournament! But good game 🙂

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  2. They are perfect Jude, so so beautiful! You seem to love those red leaves, aren’t you?
    I especially enjoy the japanese one, it looks so calm and silent…

    Thanks so much for sharing your autumn glimpses over the past weeks, it was great to see you 🙂 Hopefully until next year
    xxx verena


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