Thursday’s Special: Backlit

I have a bit of a gap between now and when my new challenge begins, so when I saw Paula’s TS was backlit I knew exactly which image I wanted to post.

Chinese Paperbark Maple (Acer griseum) has the advantage ofย being attractive all year round: in spring, when the leaves appear, in autumn when its wonderful, rich leaf colour shines, and throughout the dormant season because of its remarkable bark. When the brilliant deep crimson and scarlet leaves have fallen in late November, the full majesty of the rusty-brown bark, which peels in loose tatters, is revealed. Catching it with the sunlight behind creates this gorgeous orange-cinnamon peel.


12 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Backlit

  1. One of my favourite trees, and this is very lovely just as it is, but I’ve been closing one eye, tilting my head, doing odd things with my hands and seeing an imaginary crop of two thirds of the trunk, to make another stunning image with those fab colours.


    1. I cropped it down a bit, but have other photos of the entire trunk (several photos of several trees, it seems I keep photographing this in autumn) but none as illuminating as this one.


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