Flower Portrait: Slipper Orchid

(please click to enlarge)


Paphiopedilum (slipper orchid) have lovely flowers and the leaves of some are beautifully mottled. They are not too difficult to grow as houseplants, and are more unusual than the Phalaenopsis and Cymbidium commonly sold in garden centres. Slipper orchids generally flower from November to March, but flowers can appear at any time of the year. Flowers last up to three months, and may need support with a stake.


21 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Slipper Orchid

  1. I love slipper orchids having admired them many times at our local orchid shows. I have grown a number of different types but not these so was heartened to hear they’re easy to grow.


    1. There were a lot of pretty ones, but my photos weren’t so great. I should have changed lenses, but couldn’t be bothered as we were waiting for it to get dark to see the lights in the garden.


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