Flower Portrait: Vanda Orchid


I have posted Vanda orchids before, but I found this new colour variety recently in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley. The one in the front looks as though something has been eating it!



25 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Vanda Orchid

      1. I wasn’t thinking of actually trying it myself, just wondering if whatever munched that hole in it enjoyed the taste! I have a friend called Vanda and I posted your link on Facebook for her to see it.


      1. Don’t mention swimming pools to Jack, he had to look after the one on the recent farm sit and it was a terrible chore. We only had one swim in it when the temps hit 40c…


      2. I used to have to look after one in Johannesburg. You do get into a rhythm and I had a lovely pool cleaner that automatically sucked up any muck. The testing of the PH was a chore, and skimming leaves off the surface in winter, but oh the delights of a daily swim made up for it. And the kids were never out of it! But I’ll whisper so Jack doesn’t hear us 🙂


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