25 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Vanda Orchid

  1. I’m partial to imperfections like the bite out. I remember being startled by an 18th century still life of less than perfect fruit. I realised then there’s no point if it’s not warts and all.

        • Don’t mention swimming pools to Jack, he had to look after the one on the recent farm sit and it was a terrible chore. We only had one swim in it when the temps hit 40c…

        • I used to have to look after one in Johannesburg. You do get into a rhythm and I had a lovely pool cleaner that automatically sucked up any muck. The testing of the PH was a chore, and skimming leaves off the surface in winter, but oh the delights of a daily swim made up for it. And the kids were never out of it! But I’ll whisper so Jack doesn’t hear us 🙂

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