Flower Portrait: Cattleya Portia

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C. Portia ‘Coerulea’ is an epiphytic, evergreen orchid from Central and South America. Tall, pseudo-bulb with stalks that grow erectly with one or two long, leathery, ovate, green leaves and 4 inches wide blue-lilac flowers.

18 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Cattleya Portia

  1. Orchid? I probably wouldn’t have guessed. As Carol says, very pretty 🙂
    Watching Murray/Raonic at a rather tense stage of the match. Could go either way 😦

    • I have a collection of orchid photos Ken. These all belong to RHS Wisley in their glasshouse! I used to have some of the Phalaenopsis (moth orchids) in yellow, white and pink, but they are all gone now.

      • … and there was I imagining your personal glasshouse. We have had no joy with Phalaenopsis or other exotics, so we settle for Cymbidiums, which are pretty tough.

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