Garden Portrait: Knightshayes Court

Driving back from West Penwith to Shropshire takes around 5 hours. It’s a long journey and we usually stop after a couple of hours to stretch the legs and grab a coffee. Gilly the Lucid Gypsy who  lives in Exeter once suggested that we might like to stop at Knightshayes Court, a house and garden run by the National Trust which is about 5 miles off the M5 near Tiverton in north Devon. So far during our forays south the car has been full of ‘stuff‘ and on the return journey the weather has not been conducive to more than a quick pit-stop.

knightshayes (72)

However, last Sunday the weather was perfect albeit very hazy. I love the drive through Cornwall and Devon – Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor (which two weeks ago was dusted in snow) rolling countryside and glimpses of the coast. Time to visit Knightshayes. Arriving there we were surprised to find that they serve a Sunday carvery (between 12 noon and 2:30 pm) so of course we ordered one and devoured it with pleasure. Then time to walk down to the house and have a quick look at the gardens close to the house. Two hours later we returned to the car to continue our journey home(?) – at the moment neither house feels quite like home, more like impersonal hotels without the luxuries and with the hazards of falling over boxes!

knightshayes (20)

Apologies for the quality of these photos. For once I didn’t have my camera with me, but I did have a new phone and one that has a camera (My daughter is so pleased that I have finally got a ‘proper’ mobile phone and is already instructing me about ‘apps’) so I attempted to capture some of the delights of this place. The views in the distance over Exmoor, I imagine, were hazy but beautiful.

The house is beautiful with honey-coloured stonework around the pretty leaded-windows and the bright red doors and gates make quite a bold statement.

Spring flowers were out – purple crocuses, snake’s-head fritillary, blankets of pretty blue scilla verna and dancing daffodils of course.

knightshayes (99)

The light was clear in the woodland garden and backlit the hellebores perfectly. One or two magnolias were in flower too, though it is still early in the season for them.

knightshayes (31)

And the most fascinating aspect was the abundance of quirky animals in the garden

OK. I admit to breaking my own rules, but blame it on the restless one who challenged me 🙂

Thanks Gilly. A perfect stopping spot ❤

And more lovely walks can be enjoyed over at my friend Jo’s place.

53 thoughts on “Garden Portrait: Knightshayes Court

  1. I’m so glad you stopped there Jude, it’s a delight isn’t it? Now you’ll have to go in a different season. Great photos, phone or not, mine is my always with me camera, but yes zooming in is limited!

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  3. What a wonderful pit stop, Jude! Such a beautiful place and so many flowers that are blooming already. Here in Kent, CT (USA) everything is still “boringly” brown. The atmosphere of buildings and gardens like Knightshayes Court can hardly be beaten and cannot be found in my current neck of the woods, unfortunately. And, that new phone of yours? Who needs a real camera? (Just kidding of course, but the photos you took with it are pretty awesome!)

    • Thanks Liesbet for your lovely comment. I don’t think I will be using the phone camera too often, but good to know that the pictures aren’t too terrible.

  4. Gorgeous pictures – what a nice way to welcome in Spring! I like how when you hover over a picture, the caption comes up. The Snake’s Head flower is so interesting looking. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like that before.

  5. Such a beautiful place to stop for lunch, Jude. I don’t know how much longer it will be before this house feels like home. Hope your move goes smoothly. Great photos with your new phone. I don’t think that’s a real Iggy is it? 🙂

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