23 thoughts on “Flower Portrait: Variegated Hibiscus

  1. Gorgeous. There’s a variegated bougainvillea on my dog walk route but it’s a green/yellow combo. This is so lovely with the white bokeh.

  2. I was conned! Where’s my flower? 🙂 🙂 No, seriously, it’s beautiful, Jude. I thought it might be a Thursday’s Special at first glance.
    Enjoy your Cornish Easter! 🙂 Sending hugs!

    • The technical term is ‘bokeh’ and yes, I agree with you, partly the reason why I like this shot so much. To achieve that ‘perfect’ blurred background.

        • A lot of it depends on the lens, this new camera and lenses are much better at blurring the background. The circles are simply out of focus points of light in the background. I think I was using the prime lens (45mm) on this day as it is very fast and I wanted it for the lightshow later on.

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