Visiting St Ives on Saturday I wasn’t expecting to see daffodils for sale on the harbour-side. Buckets full of golden beauties and these double white spicy scented Narcissus Acropolis variety. The two bunches I came away with both have deep orange-red centres and are absolutely beautiful. This collage is for my friend who enjoys photographing flowers in decay – Sue Judd.


52 thoughts on “Cornish Beauties

  1. How lovely and what a glorious treat to purchase these blooms.

    Jude, I really like how your header photo always matches the content of your latest post. Do you change it each time or does this theme allow it to happen automatically? It always looks so good.

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      1. You can load several header images and allow WP to put up random images, but that doesn’t always match the post. Some themes use the first image as an auto header. I guess you just have to choose the right theme!

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      2. It’s easy to do, sometimes the older posts can look a bit weird, but not many people view older stuff anyway. Or set up a test site and add some photos, galleries and text and then play around with the themes – make the test site private.

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      3. Just had another look at yours, it does showcase the photos alright, my only quibble (and it’s not just your site) is the comment text is so small. I like browsing through comments, but when the text is small I tend not to. Is that something you can change on the current theme? I know, blame my age!


    1. Haha… I wondered if anyone would spot that, at first I thought he meant centred then realised it was scent! Sweet old guy who also weaves the lobster pots. I was considering buying one of those too 😉

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  2. They certainly are Jude ! My garden varieties are pretty much over and bluebells have taken centre stage along with spreading grape hyacinths . Must have been gorgeous down by the harbour with those buckets of Cornish daffs vying for attention – and buying thereof !
    Cornwall has enjoyed some beautifully warm Spring sunshine just recently , perfect for flinging open those windows – or perhaps not ….


    1. …well, windows are flung, but then the overpowering smell of the cattle next door invades so they get shut again. I’m sure we’ll get used to it, but I’m beginning to think I smell of manure myself now! The daffodils certainly help 😀

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