In April I’m looking for Macros or Close-ups in the Garden

(This month I want to see Macro photography or close-ups of anything you’d find in a garden –  so look out for unusual details) If you would like some tips then please visit the first post in the month.


Common daisies on the lawn.

If you would like to join in with Garden Photography then please take a look at my Garden Photography Page. No complicated rules 🙂

  • Create your own post and title it AprilMacros in the Garden
  • Include a link to this page in your post so others can find it too
  • Add the tag “GardenChallenge” so everyone can find the posts easily in the WP Reader
  • Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new theme comes out on the first Sunday in May.
  • Please visit the sites in the comments to see what others are posting.

This is the last week for showing me your close up images. Next week I am looking for Wild flowers at the side of the road, in a meadow, a wild flower garden, or a single flower. Photograph it however you please, maybe even take some of the previous months’ challenges into consideration. And as always I thank you for your views, likes and comments and especially your own contributions to the challenge. It has been an amazing month seeing all the macros and close up entries. I have learned a lot and hope you have enjoyed them too.



60 thoughts on “garden photography: Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do!

  1. Great shots of a simply beautiful flower. I love daisies, partly for myself and also because they were my sister’s favourite flower. She had daisies for her wedding bouquet – unless I’m making that up. I had a plant at Spud, but a friend decided to cultivate it and a hydrangea. It died. The hydrangea flourished. Wrong way round.

    And a question: do any of my Warsaw spring photos qualify as close up? I’m definition ally challenged! And I want my old camera.

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    1. Firstly, this is a tiny daisy and only grows about 2″ from the ground, and they are generally considered to be weeds here as they spread across lawns. The flowers which, as kids, we used to make daisy chains with. As my lawn is practically a wild flower meadow I have let them be. I suspect your sister had the other types of daisies in her bouquet, but they are all marvellous!

      And YES, your close-ups do qualify. I have been waiting for a link to appear. I have also been looking more carefully at the trees doing their thing. No wonder people who are allergic to tree pollen have a bad time this month. Even my nose and eyes are suffering and as far as I know I’m not allergic to pollen. Rape flowers make me sneeze. A lot.


      1. Thanks for the daisy info. With closeups you lose a sense of scale a bit.

        I’ve often thought of linking to your garden challenge, but I didn’t know whether a whole post was acceptable, or whether ID (insisted on by you, mind you!) was suitable – as well as being a bit kerflummoxed by macro and close up. And also of course it’s not strictly speaking garden photography.

        If it suits, can I link the pine cone one? Or would you prefer me just to select one photo?


      2. Meg dear one, there are no real rules – garden is a loose term and the post can be one photo or a gallery or several photos. Macro is generally an image with a macro 1:1 lens, but macro settings or a close-up using any lens or camera is OK. I don’t want to over complicate the challenge so as long as it isn’t a landscape photo then pretty much anything goes. Not necessarily flora either. Plant pots, garden gates, garden tools, sculptures – basically anything you’d find in a garden type location. Trees grow in gardens / parks / woodland so go ahead, link them all if you like 🙂


      3. No need to be your photography is more than fine. I had a nightmare photographing camellias this week. Just could not get the lens to focus at all, even on manual.


    1. You must remember making daisy chains with these little beauties? I never understood why they were classed as weeds, except of course they do love to scatter themselves across the lawn! Even after mowing it they have returned with flowers bigger than ever! And I love that pink edge too. Over to see your veggie plot after I grab a coffee 😀


    1. Could have saved this for next month! And I was going to so a close-up of a garden statue, but with everything that is going on I forgot! Oh well. I shall have more than enough wild flowers.

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  2. The header shot looks absolutely superb, doesn’t It Jude? (you can say yes- I won’t shout ‘vain pig’ 🙂 ) I did accumulate a number of Macros for you in the Algarve (becoming a worse obsession than benches) but I really don’t want to post other than tomorrow’s walk before I go to Poland because I’ll never get around all the replies. So many things to do!!! Some of them may fit Wild Flowers next month and I’ll sneak the rest in somehow. 🙂 Has the work started on your extension yet?

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    1. Are you home again then? Maybe just one little macro for me? You can turn comments off your post so you don’t get disturbed :?. Becky posts some lovely floral images from your part of the world so I know you must have some beauties.

      Not an extension. Just remodelling the inside, but we’ve come to the conclusion that it will be more hassle and money than it is worth, so simply going to make the loft space insulated and an extra Velux and get some stairs up to it somehow. At least doing this doesn’t exclude us doing more later if we want to.


      1. Sounds like a plan (the loft option 🙂 ). Yes- back late Friday, bluebell walking with a friend and her collie on Saturday, and desperately trying to get jobs done today. Good job I wrote most of tomorrow’s walk before I went to Tavira. I have an Algarve one I’d love to schedule but I may not have time. That time thief is on my tail again. 🙂

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      2. When do you fly to Poland? And how long for this time? Should be lovely there at this time of year, hopefully not too cold. A bit nippy here today in the wind, but the sun was good 🙂


    1. Yes the macros have been great haven’t they, even the spiders! But you can use close-ups or macros in the other topics too if you want to. I imagine I will have lots of close-ups next month of the wild flowers!


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